Join Athleticult Team

What does it mean to be part of the Athleticult team and all the benefits you can get. 

Get Athleticult Team member Page

Be part of Athleticult team and reach a larger audience on a shared website and social media profiles

Publish on your events and workshops

  • Maximize your online presence, reach new audiences; this also includes easy and secure Online Payment processing.
  • Get your clients on board and forget about the headaches with the Athleticult Online Payment processing exclusive club.
  • No prepayments, no hidden cost, pay 10-12% commission only for what you sell, just a 10% commission and claim a 90% revenue of the sale itself. 

Your Personal Branded Athleticult clothing

Earn a minimum of 5$ for each product you sell with Athleticult (Option: branded clothing)  

  • men's clothing
  • women's clothing
  • kids & youth clothing
  • accessories 
  • hats
  • home & living 

Dedicated Coupon discounts

incentive your clients to purchase your merch by helping them with exclusive coupons discounts up to a 10%off

Unique and easy trackable sales system

Each Athleticult Team member gets a unique URL to the Athleticult store that can be easily shared with anyone — your students, friends, family, and fellow yogis. This unique URL will track any sales on your behalf. We pay you commission for each of your sales!

Digital Website Banners

get a wide variety of digital banners that can be put on Athleticult web and social media profiles. Digital banners are embedded with your unique referral link, so anyone who clicks on it will be directed to the storefront, and any purchases made will earn you a commission.