Jeff Seid Biceps workout motivation

Pretty boy Jeff Seid in his bicep aesthetics workout. 50% OFF ALL ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING – In honor of Black Friday all online personal training has been marked down HALF PRICE!! This is the biggest sale I've ever done on my online training packages and won't EVER have my prices this low again. If you are […]

Why Squat is good for EVERY one

Squat is the most important exercise anyone should do, be a beginner or the most experienced body builder. It is even good for your grandparents if done correctly. In this video, Anna Renderer shows us the basics of doing a squat correctly easily with no added wieght. Benefits of squats 1. The muscle you stretch […]

Aylen Alvarez Fitness Model Gym Routine Female Power Workout

Aylen Alvarez defines the laws of gravity, she is a fitness model with over 3.2 million flowers on Instagram and Snap chat. probably most feminists hate her. It might seem a bit un-natural but nevertheless it looks like she is putting a lot of effort and hard work. On the other hand her beauty standard […]

4 Different Abs Workout With a Special Bonus

Hey there guys and gals, this article is for all those who are looking to flatten their belly, and maybe with some effort even get a nice 6-pack. The first thing you need to understand about all those abs workout routines is that it’s not a full workout, but rather an abs “finisher” to end off […]