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Amanda Lee Fitness Workout

So we stumbled upon Amanda Lee by chance, boy that was a lucky chance, she is like a fitness Barby cartoon, don’t get me wrong I’m sure that there’s no little Photoshop editing in her pics but just watching the clips you see she’s the real deal in fitness motivation. See Amanda Lee in body […]

Can’t keep up with your diet? Easy meal prep might be your step for success

We all know a good way to stay healthy and lean is to make a diet plan, but it’s well known most diets fails. The main reason is because it’s impossible to follow although the day. The key to success is to keep it simple and prepare in advance. Rachel Aust Shows us how to meal […]

Aylen Alvarez Fitness Model Gym Routine Female Power Workout

Aylen Alvarez defines the laws of gravity, she is a fitness model with over 3.2 million flowers on Instagram and Snap chat. probably most feminists hate her. It might seem a bit un-natural but nevertheless it looks like she is putting a lot of effort and hard work. On the other hand her beauty standard […]