Aylen Alvarez Fitness Model Gym Routine Female Power Workout

Aylen Alvarez defines the laws of gravity, she is a fitness model with over 3.2 million flowers on Instagram and Snap chat. probably most feminists hate her. It might seem a bit un-natural but nevertheless it looks like she is putting a lot of effort and hard work. On the other hand her beauty standard does not define slim skinny unhealthy look, in contract.

The appearance Aylen is striving for is full, curvy, fit and rounded Kim Kardashian like legs with large bust. It shows that you can be attractive in any kind of body proportion. and deep inside we hope she is also a good person that is unaware of shallow and empty selfies that represent nothing but the outer shell. Her workouts are not complicated and she doesn’t lift heavy, these are simple Gym exercises with low weights, but if you add persistence and good diet you can get very good superficial results.

Getting it in💪

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