Home Abs Workout with Brittany Dawn

Brittany Dawn demonstrates her abs routine, Work for abs 2-3 times a week.

Remember, It doesn’t matter how much you train if you want your abs to show you need to stick to your diet plan. Also make sure to activate not only your straight abdominal muscles but also your wide abdominal muscles, Planks or side planks are good for those.

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static core engagement for 60 -180 seconds

Side hip twist

with extra care for perfect form 60 seconds

Russian twists

Do the Russian twist with or without weight for higher intensity

Scissors kicks

Remember to keep the hands under the buttocks to protect lower back.


Go for at least 90 seconds

Spider crawls

With a carpet (moderate) with out a carpet (advanced)

In & outs

Extra weight optional for more advanced, hold your legs out few seconds for more advanced.

Oblique crunches

15 -20 repetitions for each side , aim for 4 sets



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