Hand Balance Workshop

Meet the team

Muscle recovery

Lior Raphaely
Natural mover

Lior is a natural hand balancer and mover, specializing in body weight and Paleo diet. Favorite quote: "I can eat a steak and a kilo rice".

Straddle planche

Julian Melcer
A giving Soul

Julian Melcer AKA "the strongest Vegan in Israel" can inspire many to choose their own path.


Sheerle Dove
Joyfull spirit

When Sheerle is present the energy levels raise instantly and inspire the surrounding.


Gon Nigal
Yogi cells

Gon's Yoga movement life style is tuned, focused and calm tjat resonates on everyone.

Ahmad R Hmidan
The Brother

Ahmed joined the tram by storm, straight from a circus, lietterlly from a circus.

Alec Burkin
The self explorer

Alec strong body intuitiun guides him on the right path.


Dan Altman
Human flipper

Dan had Capoeira background that keeps him filliping like a grasshopper.

Moti Core

Moti Core
Peaceful Warrior

Moti knows the way of the soul and will guide you to a better self physically and mentally.

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Outdoor group Workout

Hand balance (handstand) , strength and flexibility workouts indoors and outdoors group classes.

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