Improving Physical Health by Improving your Spiritual Health


We have all heard the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”, but this also goes the other way too. Being physically well will certainly help you to feel happier and brighter, but when you feel happier and brighter it can also lead to improved physical health, and this is something that not too many people realize. When […]

Can calisthenics support other sports?


“How do calisthenics support other sports?” is a question that is often asked by many people, both beginners as well as experienced. Most want to take up the practice while others may be a little curious about it. But before we delve deeper into the issue, it’s essential to first have an understanding of the […]

5 Fats and Oils You Need To Be Eating

healthy food

In a nation where more than 36% of the country is obese, eating fats and oils to improve health seems about as helpful as skipping exercise. While we don’t recommend you stop going to the gym or exercising regularly, we know fats and oils are far better for you then you may have initially expected. Not all fats […]

CBD for Pre and Post Workouts

Street yoga: stretching exercises

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’re probably always checking out natural supplements that can improve your performance. You may be surprised to learn that CBD is one of the most effective things that you can take for both improving your athletic skills and speeding up the recovery process. CBD is a highly potent compound derived from […]

Australia’s hottest new hybrid workout


The fitness industry loves a slashie more than any model/presenter/famous offspring. First we had yoga and Pilates (yogalates), then piloxing (Pilates and boxing) and now, a workout with the benefits from two practices combined into just one class – but without the dumb name. It’s called Team Coaching – and the combination is as good as peanut butter and […]

Kinematico workout in action


If you’re bored from regular gym training you should check out  Kinematico  trains small groups in outdoor movement,they combine movement, Yoga hand balance strength training. See the trainers (Gon Nigal and Reut Klifi) in action:   See kinematico’s locomotion video: View this post on Instagram Come and join us today for a movement class at […]

How can the elderly fight diabetes?

Fight diabitis

Of all the diseases that threaten the world today, diabetes has slowly and steadily spread its claws across the globe and millions and millions of people today are affected by it. It commonly affects older people; however the incidence of the disease in younger people is more now-a-days. Hence it is tagged as a life […]