How to practice a daily handstand routine?

lior does a cool handstand

In order to master handstands and hand balance in general you need to eventually practice everyday, sorry no quick wins or fast hacks to master handstands, however it’s not just about hard work, because working hard is important but working smart is just as important. Table of ContentsPlay safeDo not overload your wrists and shoulder […]

Why should you try Intermediate fasting at least for a month?

Try fasting

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different diets being promoted all over the world. While many of them are often referred to as fad diets and are short-lived, others have seemingly stood the test of time and have stuck around. One of those is fasting which involves abstaining from eating food for a […]

How does CBD makes you feel?

Benefits of CBD

Since the legalization of hemp in 2018, hemp-derived CBD has become a key component of the natural wellness and fitness industries. Due to its natural properties, fitness gurus, nutritionists, and even professional athletes are adding CBD to their everyday routines. But what makes CBD so special in the first place? Table of ContentsThe Usual Effects […]

Famous quotes by Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson Quote

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a well-known Canadian clinical psychologist and also a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He has written a number of highly respected books throughout his long career. He has hundreds of quotes to his name and we have included just a very small number of them.   Quote #1 […]

Do you have to go to a gym to gain muscle mass?

Home workout

There are many myths surrounding muscle grow and what is necessary to gain muscle mass. One of the biggest myths is that you have to go to a gym in order to truly gain an adequate amount of muscle mass. The truth is, there are many ways to gain muscle mass and many of them […]

Improving Physical Health by Improving your Spiritual Health

Improving Physical Health by Improving your Spiritual Health

We have all heard the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”, but this also goes the other way too. Being physically well will certainly help you to feel happier and brighter, but when you feel happier and brighter it can also lead to improved physical health, and this is something that not too many people realize. When […]

Can calisthenics support other sports?


“How do calisthenics support other sports?” is a question that is often asked by many people, both beginners as well as experienced. Most want to take up the practice while others may be a little curious about it. But before we delve deeper into the issue, it’s essential to first have an understanding of the […]

How to Get That Workout Nutrition Time Scale Right

Workout Nutrition

When you are exercising regularly, it is important to get your timing right. It is all very well going to the gym or for that swim, but if we run out of energy part way through the session and give up, what is the point? Thankfully, there are ways to approach your fitness and diet […]

10 Natural Pain Relief Lotions

  Topical pain relief remedies are becoming a major player in athletes’ lives. They help us release tight and sore muscles after practice and allow us to push ourselves harder while training to reach new goals. This is why we’ve decided to perform “hands-on” research by using the products on ourselves. Hopefully, you will be […]