When Crossfit FAILS

Training Fitness Funny Moments |Gym/Workout EPIC FAILS Compilation

Most CrossFit trainers will swear that in their gym the put extra focus on proper Technic and posture, while it might be true it’s pretty much inevitable that proper form will be compromised when one is pushing it’s body to it’s limits. Additionally there is a deep mental and emotional aspect that drives certain people […]

Why to ride with a helmet?

Tandam fixie bike crach

Many bike riders still see wearing a helmet as a recommendation, and they don’t really need it because they are very skilled riders and other then that they know how to fall, and their skull is thick and strong, well that might be true but it wont save them all the time. Unexpected malfunction  You might […]

Hossein Rezazadeh Myth


Hossein Rezazadeh Born May 12, 1978, is the former National Iranian Weightlifting Champion who was born in Ardebil in a family of seven, and is the second child of the family, who has 1 brother and 5 sisters. He began weight lifting at age 15 and has been proud of Iran’s medals for many years and […]

Nataliya Kuznetsova is HUGE!


Nataliya Kuznetsova is Female bodybuilder and a arm lifting champion from Chita Russia, she weighs 251 pounds and might not be “your cup of tea”, on the other hand Nataliya has over 185K followers on Instagram, which means some people do like this very big muscular women style. If you like it or not you must […]

For the Last time, Stretching & Wаrm-Ups Are Not The Same

Wаrm-up exercises аnd stretching аre а vitаl component underestimаted of every fitness routine. Unfortunately, both of them are underestimаted. Additionally, People often tend to confuse between wаrm-ups аnd stretching while not realizing that they fulfill two different essential functions. It is vital that people who exercise will do both as a part of their overall […]

Famous soccer couples

Sydney Leroux (Dwyer) And Dom Dwyer View this post on Instagram When you close your eyes and hope for the best. 📸:@lizsowers3 A post shared by Sydney Leroux Dwyer (@sydneyleroux) on Aug 9, 2017 at 2:35pm PDT Sydney and Dom are a great example of a happy married couple, Sydney is a professional and Olympic […]

Classic Gym Fails


Gym fails can come in many forms, it’s common to think that Yoga is safer then other physical activity never the less it is not injury proof or fail proof, falling on your face is a common fail when practicing inversions and other hand balance poses such as Bakaasana (crow pose), Arda-chandra Asana (half moon […]

Ido portal Movement London real movie review

Ido portal’s movie review

Opening monologue quotes by Brian from London Ido Portal documentary: Quote: “I don’t know about you , but something doesn’t feel quite right, sometimes I look at the world and ask my self why i’m really here” Answer: the full answer is long and complicated, but as Arjen Lucassen phrased it “the meaning of life is […]

Amanda Lee Fitness Workout


So we stumbled upon Amanda Lee by chance, boy that was a lucky chance, she is like a fitness Barby cartoon, don’t get me wrong I’m sure that there’s no little Photoshop editing in her pics but just watching the clips you see she’s the real deal in fitness motivation. See Amanda Lee in body […]

The UK’s latest Food Trends


Trends in UK are ever- changing, mostly when it comes to food. Few decades back, UK was known as the ‘fish and chips’ arena, but with time, there’s been diversity in its gastronomy culture. But now, the UK food market itself is changing. But how and why? UK is going Organic One of the changes […]