The UK’s latest Food Trends


Trends in UK are ever- changing, mostly when it comes to food. Few decades back, UK was known as the ‘fish and chips’ arena, but with time, there’s been diversity in its gastronomy culture. But now, the UK food market itself is changing. But how and why? Contents1 UK is going Organic2 Grow Your Own […]

How to Get That Workout Nutrition Time Scale Right

When you are exercising regularly, it is important to get your timing right. It is all very well going to the gym or for that swim, but if we run out of energy partway through the session and give up, what is the point? Thankfully, there are ways to approach your fitness and diet which […]

Common Crimes NFL Football Players are Guilty Of

Ezekiel Elliot RB Footwork/Speed Workout | SpeedMas Day 3

“Behind every crime is a story of sadness.” – Enrique Pena Nieto   Are you perhaps curious about whether sporting icons such as football and baseball players commit crimes? Furthermore, are you interested in what crimes they commit? This might be construed as gossip and irrelevant to whether they are successful on the sports field […]

Success Guide in Betting on Tennis: What You Need to Know


Tennis is a game that is played with two people or four people – and hence the mechanics are far easier to understand than a team sport such as baseball, football, or basketball. That doesn’t mean that betting on tennis is much easier than on any other game, however; on the contrary, there are lots of things […]

Jump like Darya Klishina

Darya Klishina

Darya Igorevna Klishina is a long distance  jumper from Russia, and she is has amazing jumping Technic and athletic capabilities like very few other athletes, Born: January 15, 1991, Tver, Russia Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 126 lbs see Darya in action: View this post on Instagram Приятные воспоминания из Инсбрука! Pleasant memories from #Innsbruck #goldenroof #longjump A post shared by […]

Run like Michelle Jenneke


Get inspired by this uncanny professional runner Michelle Jenneke, this Australian 100m hurdler is sponsered by PUMA and also graduated from Sydney University and took part in the athletics club Rio 2016, and became an Olympian already in the age of 23 | Sydney Australia Sydney University engineering student Last track session in Tonbridge before […]

The Basics of Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation

There are many types of instruments that can be used for meditation which produce different effects and have various purposes. The most common type of meditation which uses instruments is called sound healing meditation. Instruments from various cultures all over the world are used for this modality and they have a long history of being […]