Classic Gym Fails


Gym fails can come in many forms, it’s common to think that Yoga is safer then other physical activity never the less it is not injury proof or fail proof, falling on your face is a common fail when practicing inversions and other hand balance poses such as Bakaasana (crow pose), Arda-chandra Asana (half moon […]

Ido portal Movement London real movie review

Ido portal’s movie review

Opening monologue quotes by Brian from London Ido Portal documentary: Quote: “I don’t know about you , but something doesn’t feel quite right, sometimes I look at the world and ask my self why i’m really here” Answer: the full answer is long and complicated, but as Arjen Lucassen phrased it “the meaning of life is […]

Amanda Lee Fitness Workout


So we stumbled upon Amanda Lee by chance, boy that was a lucky chance, she is like a fitness Barby cartoon, don’t get me wrong I’m sure that there’s no little Photoshop editing in her pics but just watching the clips you see she’s the real deal in fitness motivation. See Amanda Lee in body […]

The UK’s latest Food Trends


Trends in UK are ever- changing, mostly when it comes to food. Few decades back, UK was known as the ‘fish and chips’ arena, but with time, there’s been diversity in its gastronomy culture. But now, the UK food market itself is changing. But how and why? UK is going Organic One of the changes […]

Is getting fit from swimming a good idea?

Olympic Swimmer Photo by Gentrit Sylejmani

We all know that swimming is good for the body, the cardiovascular system, the back, and spine but the question is how to maximize those fitness benefits? Before you start Googleing “swimming pools near me”, here’s a good guide to getting the most from your time in the pool. Why start swimming? We all think […]

Common Crimes NFL Football Players are Guilty Of

Ezekiel Elliot RB Footwork/Speed Workout | SpeedMas Day 3

“Behind every crime is a story of sadness.” – Enrique Pena Nieto   Are you perhaps curious about whether sporting icons such as football and baseball players commit crimes? Furthermore, are you interested in what crimes they commit? This might be construed as gossip and irrelevant to whether they are successful on the sports field […]

Success Guide in Betting on Tennis: What You Need to Know


Tennis is a game that is played with two people or four people – and hence the mechanics are far easier to understand than a team sport such as baseball, football, or basketball. That doesn’t mean that betting on tennis is much easier than on any other game, however; on the contrary, there are lots of things […]

Jump like Darya Klishina

Darya Klishina

Darya Igorevna Klishina is a long distance  jumper from Russia, and she is has amazing jumping Technic and athletic capabilities like very few other athletes, Born: January 15, 1991, Tver, Russia Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 126 lbs see Darya in action: View this post on Instagram Приятные воспоминания из Инсбрука! Pleasant memories from #Innsbruck #goldenroof #longjump A post shared by […]