Killer advanced calisthenics routine

Calisthenics Workout Routine - Shredda does 50 pull ups 100 push-ups in under 5 minutes

Meet “Shredda”, a top notch calisthenics athlete doing 50 pull ups & 100 push ups challenge in under 5 minutes! What do you think can he do it? If you only just starting out, you shouldn’t do this routine. But you can start by doing as many pull-ups as you can and then as many push-ups as […]

CBD is Gaining Acceptance in Sports

HEMP Gaining Acceptance in Sports

Most athletes, both professional and amateur, will face pain and inflammation at some point in their careers. Either through injury or the wear and tear of rigorous training, muscle and joint aches and pains can be a consequence of an athletic lifestyle. To deal with the pain, athletes have turned to everything from natural homeopathic […]

Lose weight with 3 high & low carb diets

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Find out more about the top 3 hi-fat  diets. The Ketogenic diet that was developed initially as dietary therapy for epilepsy sufferers. The Paleo diet where the menu was inspired by the food consumed in the stone age (no Mammoth or Dinosaur meat though). The Atkins diet that is working according to a 4 stages […]

Step by step Hand stand progression tutorial

Hand stand takes a long time to master, above all you need determination and perseverance. there are few ways to learn hand stands and there are different Technics to perform hand stands, here is one progression: