Step by step Hand stand progression tutorial

Hand stand takes a long time to master, above all you need determination and perseverance. there are few ways to learn hand stands and there are different Technics to perform hand stands, here is one progression:          

How the pros are doing Calisthenics Workouts

Bodyweight Partner Workout Calisthenics Edition

A hardcore calisthenics training routine, just like in the army. First, you start with a 10-minute warm-up to get your body ready for the workout. Then you start the routine with these exercises: More advanced: Muscle-ups with dips Muscle-ups with the monkey bars Incline push-ups   If you can’t do some of the exercises, you […]

10 MIN WORKOUT - Triceps and Legs

A 10 minute muscular training where we are going to work the triceps and the legs. The training is as follows: squats with 10 cards (put the cards on the floor one by one and pick them up one by one) 20 triceps with elbow flexion (from lying face up) 20 dips for triceps. Repeat […]

Ryan Bader Strength and Conditioning Workout

Ryan Bader Strength and Conditioning Workout!!!ZeniX BoxinG

Ryan Bader is a professional mixed martial artist competing in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. In this video, we will see his conditioning workout which focus mainly on explosiveness and speed. Professional athletes or not which skills would you want to improve? strength and power lifting. muscle growth and bodybuilding. explosiveness and speed. cardio and […]