There are so many myths and stories we tell our selves about working out and what we can and can’t do, the most common stories we here form women are:

Myth 1: Women are not strong enough to do pull ups 

The truth: Yes the average woman is not as strong as the average men, but it doesn’t mean women can’t lift their own body weight, with hard work it’s more then possible, just start with how many pull ups you can do and try to do more reps in each set. But what if I can’t do even one pull up? If you can’t do even one pull up you should do a more basic progression to build more upper body strength and eventually you will be able to list your self and do one full pull up.

See Ida Rosen a professional poll dancer killing it with 10 full pull ups:

Myth 2: I don’t wanna workout with weight so I wont get too buffed.

The truth: Getting bigger or gaining muscle mass is not so easy and in real life people don’t just wake up one day after a hard workout and find out that they suddenly grow too much, it’s a process that we can control with proper training programs and right nutrition.

Myth 3: The Female body is not build for it, it’s built to raise babies

The Truth: The female body is build for both raising babies and working hard, our biology is shaped by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution that made us do amazing things with our bodies, our biggest limitation is our own beliefs.

Take inspiration from them, and start training. Because if you will put in the effort, you will be able to do it as well! Check out the sexiest female athletes, showing you how to do calisthenics workouts.

For beginners here is a simple workout routine to get you started: Body weight workout for dummies


And if you are still not convinced, just check out these calisthenics female athletes:


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