We all know a good way to stay healthy and lean is to make a diet plan, but it’s well known most diets fails. The main reason is because it’s impossible to follow although the day. The key to success is to keep it simple and prepare in advance.

Rachel Aust Shows us how to meal prep correctly and make food something enjoyable.

Similar pose, but exactly four years between shots. Four years of ups, downs, some plateaus, new PBs, changes in routine, and some backwards stumbles, but the one thing that’s remained the same (besides the love for black clothing) is the commitment. – When you start with fitness, training and eating well you’re not thinking about how you’re going to feel or look in 2, or 10 years time (you can guess, but it’s still an unknown), you’re more focused on just getting through week to week. And if you focus on each week, each day, and each hour as they hit you, the time will just slide by, and all those tiny good choices you made will add up and become evident, not just in how your body looks physically, but in your mental clarity, your confidence, and your overall health. – Was I healthy in the before picture? No, not really. How much better and stronger I feel on a daily basis is immeasurable. You’ll always have naysayers who doubt what you’re doing, just don’t be one yourself – you’ve got to be your own biggest cheerleader. Trust your judgment and stay on the path you want to be on, whatever that is. – I just uploaded an updated fitness story video on my channel. You can find my channel link in my bio.

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Preparing meals for three days or even a week shouldn’t take more than an hour if done correctly, Rachel shows us a step by step meal prep and recipes that not only make this a fun and easy task but also enrich us with healthy nutrient food that if planned correctly will be even cheaper than eating without a plan.




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