When you are exercising regularly, it is important to get your timing right. It is all very well going to the gym or for that swim, but if we run out of energy part way through the session and give up, what is the point? Thankfully, there are ways to approach your fitness and diet which will ensure that you are ready at the right point and that you replace those nutrients afterward.

Know When and What to Eat

Never miss your breakfast, especially if you workout in the mornings. Keep it light – a big, heavy, fatty fry-up is not advised, as you will just end up feeling ill. You should always eat a proper meal of some variety a few hours before you actually work out. What you should actually eat is dependent on the type of exercise that you are intending to do. Some exercise types will require huge amounts of energy, so carbs are always the order of the day. Food like pasta or bread will prove useful for this. Always make sure that you drink enough water during and after your exercise as well, especially in the mornings, when you may not have had time to hydrate yourself fully.

Grab That Snack

Protein - Eggs
Protein - Eggs

Half an hour before a workout, make sure that you get yourself a small snack and drink some water with it. It does not have to be much, but a banana, granola bar, cereal, or fruit will help you get through that class. Make sure the size of the snack is relative to the amount of exercise that you intend to do. Some forms of exercise will require more of a boost than others. Whilst exercising, make sure that you drink plenty. If you are exercising for a period of longer than 90 minutes, you need to consider replacing some of those lost carbs, and a sports drink could be helpful.

Replenish Those Nutrients

Low fat high Protein meal

Post-exercise, it is a good idea to eat your main meal within 2 hours. This is the optimum time to allow your body to replenish all of those lost carbs and protein. The ideal combination of carbs to protein is a 4:1 ratio, in favor of carbs, although this can be dependent on the type of exercise undertaken as some are more fuel-hungry than others. Get advice on protein diets and their impact from places like "Protein foods direct" and make sure that you are embarking on the right diet for you if you really don't like counting calories you can use this method to lose weight without counting calories.

It is important to remember to keep the balance right with health and fitness at all times. Our nutrition, fitness, and health levels are all intertwined with our mental health, and if we get one element wrong, then it will have an impact on the others. Food should also be enjoyed; eating only to cater to our body’s needs should never be the case.