It turns out that actually an unbalanced diet is the sure way to gain weight. When we skip a meal, our body reacts by producing Cortisol, a hormone  secreted during stress. Raising the level of Cortisol in the body causes a strong urge to eat and store fat, especially in the belly. Eating regular and well balanced meals throughout the day can control the level of Cortisol and our metabolism and thus avoid bouts of hunger and the creation of added fat. Exercise as well is the most natural way to lower Cortisol levels.

Diet or Exercise?

Whichever diet we may try, if it's a dash diet, vegan, non-gluten, diabetic diet, low Carb or vegetarian, we have to be aware that in order to lose weight, it isn't really essential to perform physical activity, as most of the calories that are saved stem from the actual diet itself. A non-carbohydrate diet would increase weight loss, not of fat but mainly from liquids and muscle loss. During prolonged exercise, fat tissues release free fatty acids and those coming through the bloodstream to the muscle tissue. If the goal is to use exercise for the purpose of weight loss, it is still  necessary to maintain a diet which consists of enough carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats such as Tahini, avocado, almonds and walnuts.

If we eat healthy, we can lose weight significantly faster, but if we eat less, not only will we do not burn fat, our muscles will become weaker and the body will look flabby.

what is more important for losing weight?  Fitness or nutrition?young-woman-stretching-outdoors-before-exercising

 Although many of us know that a combination of fitness and a good diet is essential, which one is more important? It is commonly thought that excess weight increases the risk of health problems such as hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes and heart disease. The experts explain that it is possible that physical fitness is more important than dieting.

There are many ways to burn calories, research tends to show that dieting does play a more significant role in losing weight than fitness, because indeed it is possible to go walking and burn 200 calories but you could keep off the 200 calories of a chocolate bar etc. by having some self control. However, some argue that fitness is more important because all the processes of decomposition of energy in the body occurs within cells and are called Mitochondria, which is responsible for turning food into energy.

The larger the number of mitochondria in the body, the better our metabolism. Our metabolism will be greater and more effective. So how can we acquire mitochondria? Of course, it also has to do with a person's genetics. However, we can give it a definite boost with physical activity because that increases the level of Mitochondria in a cell and then metabolism improves.

Are Weight Loss Pills and Fat Burner Supplements Really Effective?

pills and fat burner supplements are effective for people who exercise and maintain a healthy diet in that they reduce their appetite and burn more calories.

However, there are natural herbs that can improve the body's ability to burn fat as ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, coriander and cumin are capable of accelerating metabolism and anti-inflammatory properties and help fight insulin sensitivity which helps with reducing fatty acid and glucose control.

Does Your Diet Affect Your Workout? What To Eat Before And After Training?

Your menu before and after training gives your body the nutrients it needs for exertion in effort and when you're resting in between working out at the gym etc. It is important to eat before training to sustain the muscles, prevent low blood sugar during exercise and in order to prevent hunger, which may make us stop training earlier than we had planned due to energy shortages.Four women in gym

Leave enough time to digest the meal before starting your training, at least two hours after having a light meal or four hours after having a heavy meal. It's very important to drink water before eating a meal.

Before exercising, eat a small serving of a carbohydrate, preferably fruit. It's important to eat a meal after exercising and some say that the ideal time to eat after a workout is within an hour after working out. That's what renews the body's energy and amino acids for muscle building. It is known that the body carries on burning excess calorie even after finished training. Therefore, devices for counting calories burned are not correct as they do not take the personal variables into account.

Replacing Sugar With Natural Substitutes

One of the ways to make a change is to make homemade energy bars that don't include all the amounts of sugar and other chemicals as the store-bought ones.

Large amounts of sugar may even destroy the stores of vitamins and minerals in the body. They can even cause a fatty liver and insulin resistance for a person who is not physically active. In fruits and honey the sugar is not as concentrated as sugary commercialized products. In many fruits, there is a balance between the sugar and the amount of fiber, antioxidants and vitamins.

Without having to weigh yourself all count calories, all you have to do is eat wholesome natural foods rather than processed foods and you will maintain a healthy lifestyle. All agree that to lose weight you have to combine a healthy diet to gather with physical activity.

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