To achieve your desired fitness goals you must plan your meals. Eating correctly before your training session will add strength and energy. You must schedule your meals to avoid starting your training on a full stomach. It is very important to plan your meals to include the correct ingredients, and also to time your meals according to the start of your training. The aim is to start your training session full of energy but to avoid the feeling of heaviness and fullness, it is recommend that you follow this sequence:

Three to four hours before starting to workout eat a nutritious meal, it should include a good portion of complex carbohydrates that will be absorbed slowly by your body, combined with proteins and limited fats.

Sources of carbohydrates can be:
Rice, potatoes, pasta, sweet potatoes, cereals, porridge oats, wholemeal bread, etc.
Sources of proteins can be: lean meat, chicken,  turkey, fish, milk, yogurt, cheese, 
nuts, etc..

About 90 minutes before your training - eat a light meal that will include one or two portions of easily digested carbohydrates as well as some

This meals will consist of fresh fruit such as a banana,  apple, orange etc. and/or dried fruits, nuts, cereals with milk, 

meals before training

yogurt or a slice of bread with butter, honey or a muesli bar, etc. Summary - it is recommended to eat a nutritious meal three to four hours before you start training followed by a light meal about 90 minutes prior to training. Avoid consuming snacks that contain processed sugar such as chocolate bars.

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