In the western world, many households want to change to healthier food but they hesitate because they have the incorrect impression that healthy food is much more expensive. We are here to bust that myth. If you want to eat healthy food you do not have to buy only products labeled “health foods” or “diet foods” such as light bread, fiber enhanced cereals, products without sugar etc. There are many more options at reasonable prices.

Do you want to buy healthy food that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Read on

  • Bread - A staple food that you can find in almost every Western home.  You may have thought that you should eat low calories dark bread rather than basic white bread, but did not switch because light bread became quite expensive in recent years due to its method of preparation and increased popularity in recent years. The main difference between the light and regular bread is the number of calories.  One slice of regular bread is equal to two slices of low cal bread. Eating a smaller amount of regular dark bread will have the same effect of eating low cal bread. There are also wholemeal breads, rye breads, whole wheat breads etc. These breads are expensive but the price in the supermarket is usually cheaper than at a boutique bakery. S small portion of one of these breads might make you feel satiated. Those who enjoy cooking and baking can reduce the cost of bread significantly. You can find many recipes for many kind of breads.   
  • Meat and poultry - contain proteins and vitamins which is good, however, they are also rich in saturated fat which is not very healthy in large quantities. When you plan meals that contain meat or poultry  limit the portions to about 150 grams per person, add vegetables and pulses to create a balanced meal low in saturated fat.healthy food
     Fruits and vegetables can be the foundation of healthy and nutritious food. It is recommended to include them in meals for a supply of energy and vitamins. Your snacks between meals should be fresh fruits rather than processed snacks.  Buy the season’s fruits and vegetables, they are cheaper and fresher.
  • Fish very healthy food can be prepared in many ways e.g. stewed, baked, etc. Fish are rich in proteins and vitamins. Frozen fish are cheaper than fresh fish and are just as nutritious.
  • Grains and pulses inexpensive food with relatively long shelf life. They contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and proteins but do not contain much fat. Pulses – e.g. chickpeas, beans, lentils, peas, broad beans etc. Grains – e.g. wholemeal pasta, groats, wheat, quinoa, rice of many kinds, etc.
  • Milk and dairy products are a good source of calcium, proteins and vitamins. There are many dairy products : soft cheese’s ( creamy cheese, Labanneh, cottage cheese, etc.), hard and semi hard cheeses, a variety of yogurt s, diet dairy desserts, milk, etc. It is recommended to consume low fat dairy products. Instead of buying expensive products like fruit yogurts and dairy desserts you can add slices of fresh fruit to plain yogurt or add vegetables to simple cream cheese. You can add cheese to meals, e.g. cheese sandwich, hard-boiled egg with cottage , salad with cream cheese and many more .
  • Breakfast cereals do not believe everything you hear on the TV commercials. The so called healthy morning cereals contain many healthy ingredients but also large quantities of sugars and carbohydrates, sometimes these cereals have more sugar then basic cornflakes sprinkled with sugar. You can prepare a nutritious breakfast using plain Quaker  oats or oatmeal with milk, yogurt and some raisins and nuts. We can save a lot just by making our own breakfast cereals rather than buying the processed ones.
  • Cooking and salad oils the recommended oils are canola oils and olive oil. An extra-virgin olive is more expensive but highly recommended as its shelf life is longer. The doctors recommend to use small quantities of oil, so even if we’ll buy the more expensive oil it will not matter much.
  • Eggs a good source of protein , vitamins and minerals. Eggs also contain Cholesterol which is not very healthy. Eat no more than 2 small eggs a day.
  • No sugar products more expensive for no reason. People think they are healthier and therefore they can eat more of them but it’s not true. Some artificial sweeteners are actually harmful. When you look at the nutritious values of some of these products you may find high carbohydrates and high calorie values.

In conclusion: Prepare fresh and healthy food at home. You can save a lot without compromising on the nutritional values. Eat fresh fruits and home made snacks instead of processed snacks.

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