Paleo, or the Paleolithic  era is the prehistoric era which is the first and longest part of the Stone Age. The assumption is that most of human evolution took place during this period. The common denominator of people who lived during that period is the lifestyle of nomadic hunter-gatherers, in most cases.The society of hunter-gatherer nomads economic system is based on food gathering ,wild plants and hunting animals.

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The concept of Paleolithic nutrition or Paleo diet is based on an assumption that human evolutionary process is going for about two million years and thus,  human nutrition should be constructed in a similar manner to nutrition in the early period. That assumption is saying that evolution has gone on for about two million years ago but the development of agriculture only began about ten thousand years ago,  and about less than a century ago we began to spray crops, injecting various substances to farm animals and feed them foods of poor quality,

in order to lower the costs as possible but steel fatten them.

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So what is Paleo diet?

Basically , eat like the early man. No, no one expect you to go and hunt your food. cavemanThe main idea is to eat only what’s natural.

Avoid all processed foods (refined oils, flour of various kinds, snacks, most types of alcohol other than wine,  sugar (monosaccharide), sweetened drinks). Also, artificial flavor , preservatives, processed meats that have added vegetable protein, cheese with stabilizers, sweeteners, dough, bread or pastries.  In short, it is forbidden to eat most of what the industry offers you. About fruits ,although it’s natural foods, Paleo diet recommends limiting the eating of it ( basically because of the Fructose – Fruit sugar).


Ok so what’s left to eat?

You should eat foods that come to us with no artificial additives and processing, even if they are fat (such as butter or internal organs such as liver and heart). This diet is also recommended limiting the intake of carbohydrates.


Are ketogenic and Paleo diets are healthy?

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The idea behind this diet is quite logical.  Eating unprocessed foods and return to natural foods as much as  possible. Processed food is less healthy than natural ,mainly because of unprocessed foods contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals. These are destroyed in processing or spend it out on purpose. Also ,the fact that Paleo diet reduces the eating carbohydrates adds to her credit. Less or no Low carb diet is effective for weight loss and contributes to a feeling of fullness over time.

A diet high in carbohydrates, and especially Low carbs, however, increases the level of insulin in the blood sharply, and the sharp fluctuations amplified the feeling of hunger. Consume of plenty of vegetables and good fats, have proven health benefits.  These are related to maintaining the sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood balanced and has fiber that contribute to the feeling of satiety.


Wow, is there a down side to those diets?

Of course, like any trend diet, it has it’s downfall.

A diet high in fatty meat and saturated fat is associated with high risk of heart disease. This diet also does not focus on eating whole grains and legumes that are known for their contribution to reducing the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. (although Paleo supporters say otherwise).

In addition, one of the consequences transit Paleo diet is reducing the consumption of dairy products – many of them undergo processing. Their reduction without completion of other calcium-rich foods may cause a shortage of it, and consequently, in the long run, predispose to osteoporosis.

In conclusion

Paleo diet is not for everyone. It is difficult to implement long-term, mainly due to the many temptations we got used to and the ease of getting our food today. In addition, it has drawbacks, some of which we mentioned.

But like any diet, you can embrace the positive aspects, more fresh fruits and vegetables, less processed foods and sugars, and no less importantly, a combination of controlled physical activity.

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