Hand balance Workshop in Copenhagen


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26 Nov 2019

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Denmark , Copenhagen

Hand balance fundamentals workshop

In our workshop, the participants will receive the proper professional guidance from which they can take their handstand practice to a higher and safer level. We will cover a wide range of vital topics such as:

  • We will learn what are the physical and technical preparation for handstands
  • Work on Handstand fundamentals such as proper posture, alignment, wrist and strength conditioning.
  • About The Fundamentals of Handstand
  • The Workshop will be 2.5 Hours (day 1)

Is there an entry level to the workshop?

This workshop is open for any level from beginners to advanced. No pre-requisites.

Our team

Moti Core


Moti has a deep background of Martial arts and a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, RYT 400 hours by Yoga alliance. Moti is guided by the body-mind connection that lead us to a better physical and mental self.

Muscle recovery


Lior is a natural hand balancer and mover, specializing in body weight training and balance, Favorite quote: "I can eat a steak and a kilo rice".

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  • Denmark
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Tuesday,26 Nov 2019 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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