Your safety comes first. Therefore, we construct the proper set and setting for both the microdosing and movement activity. As part of our effort to create the best experience, each candidate goes through an extended interview in which we decide if they are suited to take part in our activity.



Our camp is no ordinary vacation! We've created a high-quality, detailed activity program in which our guests, as a group and as individuals will rediscover their micro movement patterns by taking advantage of the brain plasticity within the microdosing journey.



Like regular retreats, we will be there for you, help, guide, and keep you safe. However this self-exploration journey requires ownership of your own experience, this means you choose the intensity, devotion, classes, and goals for you.

body-mind connection

A Deeper Physicals Understanding

Our body is an amazing machine, Our workshops helps you to find a deeper connection and discover a new outlook on your existence.

Movement patterns - workshop - off mat Yoga

Reach new abilities

Our goal is to help you discover your true long-lasting potential, Avoid ego driven success by creating awareness and sensitivity.

Moving meditation

Learn to be one with your body

Mind, body, emotions and motivations should align together, this all starts with a solid base of body-mind connectivity for a better and more mindful everyday basic movement.


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