“Behind every crime is a story of sadness.” – Enrique Pena Nieto


Are you perhaps curious about whether sporting icons such as football and baseball players commit crimes? Furthermore, are you interested in what crimes they commit? This might be construed as gossip and irrelevant to whether they are successful on the sports field or not. However, I believe it is important for sports stars to lead by example, both on and off the sports field.


Therefore, it is important to ensure that we, as the society do not idolize sports stars who continue to behave badly off the sports field. What they maybe don’t realize, or care about is that there are many up-and-coming youngsters who are emulating their behavior


Crimes sporting celebrities commit

I’m not sure whether famous celebrities commit more crimes than the typical person or not. I’m not even sure if there is any way of measuring these statistics or not; however, what we can measure is how celebrities such as NFL players measure up against each other. For example, we can compare how many football players committed crimes each year; we can drill down to determine the percentage of players for each of the common crimes, and it is possible to look at what positions these players play in, etc.


According to statistics, some of the crimes that NFL players have committed in the last sixteen years are:


  • Alcohol-related crimes such as DUI

Unfortunately, a hard-partying lifestyle seems to accompany major sports stars’ careers. It’s not easy to refrain from drinking after a hard-fought game, and the whole team is having a couple of drinks together. It would appear as though someone who is not sure of their longevity in the team might party the hardest of all, in order to fit in with the rest of the team.

  • Drug possession and abuse

Performance enhancing drugs are common among athletes who have to perform at the highest level. Their primary reason for doping is to gain a competitive edge over other athletes. For example: A NFL player whose role it is to prevent the opposing team from advancing, is likely to be big and strong. Ergo, the bigger and stronger he is, the greater chance he has of preventing the opposition from advancing.

  • Assault and battery

News reporters and journalists can become rather intrusive in anyone’s life, especially if a particular team member is facing a terrible situation. For example, if a celebrity is facing a DUI charge, you can be sure that some news reporters will do almost anything to get their story. Consequently, it’s easy for tempers to flare up, the celebrity to push the journalist out of the way, and for the situation to get out of control.


  • Domestic violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence seems to be one of the most common crimes committed by NFL players. Researchers are still working on why domestic violence is so prevalent among NFL players, and no one is 100% sure why; however, some scholars have posited that the violent nature of the game can lead to outbursts of violence against women and children.