Body-woman-athleteTo achieve your desired results in your chosen sports, having the right genetics is an advantage. However, those with less favorable genetics may still achieve good results following intensive training. In some sports, your body type has greater influence on your results. If you plan on engaging in sports for fun and fitness reasons your genetics don’t really matter. It is recommended that those who plan to become competitive or professional athletes confirm that their body shape will be most suitable for their chosen sport. E.g. the ideal body shape for competitive swimmers is wide shoulders and long hands to make it easier to propel them forward, their hips and legs should be narrow and offer less hydrodynamic resistance thereby not slowing their speed. Good genetics is not enough, in order to achieve your desired results it should be combined with training. Without training, even an ideal body shape will deteriorate over the years. It is recommended to choose a sports activity that will be most suitable to your inherent advantage of body shape and genetics. Intensive training will improve your fitness and strengthen your body.



What is considered “good” genetics?

Having a slim body shape due to genetics does have advantages but not all is rosy. The main advantage is that you will probably never start a weight reducing diet in your life. The disadvantage is that it will be a lot harder to develop your muscles. It is easier for an overweight person to build muscle bulk and burn fat as a result of diet and training. Contrary to the myth, fatty cells will not convert to muscle cells, however, it is possible to burn fat and develop muscles. As opposed to the overweight person, a naturally skinny person will have a hard time building muscles. The skinny person will have to consume lots of bulk building food and food supplement as well as train in order to build muscles. It will take time and success is not guaranteed. Conclusion – each genetic makeup has advantages and disadvantages.

BEST DECEMBER STREET WORKOUT CALISTHENICS Moments 2016What is the relationship between genetics and obesity and why are some people fatter than others?

There are three basic body types, Endomorph (fat), Mesomorph (athletic) and Ectomorph (skinny). Each of these body shapes can change following healthy eating and training. Without training and watching what they eat, the Endomorph will become obese, the Mesomorph will become chubby and the Ectomorph will stay skinny with very small muscles. Mesomorph can get rid of excess fat and get in shape easily. Endomorphs can burn fat and develop their muscles relatively easily providing they are motivated to do so. It’s harder for Ectomorphs, their metabolism is very fast, that is why they can eat a lot without gaining weight, training will make them stronger but not very muscular because calories do not linger in their body long enough to assist in muscle building. Our prehistoric ancestors were hunter gatherers, they ate what they hunted and gathered, survival was hard, and those who could accumulate body fat had a better chance to survive.

Present day Western food is rich in fats and sugars, the effort to get the food, changed from hunting it to driving to the nearest supermarket. If you are Endomorphs or Mesomorphs we recommend that you train few times a week and make sure your diet is based on  foods rich in protein, fibers and minerals and that you cut down on fatty and sugar-rich foods. In conclusion genetics does influence our fitness and so does training and healthy nutrition. It’s important that we understand our genetics and train accordingly.

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