Kino Yoga Failing titibasana on sand

Gym fails can come in many forms, it's common to think that Yoga is safer then other physical activity never the less it is not injury proof or fail proof, falling on your face is a common fail when practicing inversions and other hand balance poses such as Bakaasana (crow pose), Arda-chandra Asana (half moon pose), Sirsasana (head stand) and many more.  In the gym you can see many health disasters like this bench press that should work the pecs but when using the belly fat it can crush the ribs. Cross fit as a sport is full of fails and dangerous of injury by improper Technic, control your ego first before attempting complex exercises such as bar pull ups, muscle ups etc.


Guess this is called Belly Press gym fail


crossfit pool up fails
Crossfit pull up fail


Karate fool tries to brake coconuts
Karate fool tries to brake coconuts

Maybe the worst kind of fails and injuries could be found in different martial arts, here you see a Karate "master" or fool master that tries to brake coconuts and misses all of them and hits his hand on a metal bar, needless to say that the harm he causes his body is permanent and mostly pointless.