Hossein Rezazadeh Born May 12, 1978, is the former National Iranian Weightlifting Champion who was born in Ardebil in a family of seven, and is the second child of the family, who has 1 brother and 5 sisters. He began weight lifting at age 15 and has been proud of Iran's medals for many years and has improved world records and Olympic records.

Hossein Rezazadeh holds two Olympic gold medals and a world record holder for two-player dice in the super heavy category. He is now chairman of the Weightlifting Federation of Iran and a board member of Saipa Football Club. He was elected as the representative of the 4th Tehran City Council (1392-1396). The titles and honors of Hossein Rezazadeh
Hussein Rezazadeh has twice won the Olympic gold medal for Iran. He has a record-breaking record of 105 kilograms and has a record 10 kilograms worth of sports in the run-up to the World Weightlifting Championships in France. He has also been nominated as "Hero Champion" in Iran. His last championship is Doha Asian Games.

▪ Asian Bronze Medal of 1998 Thailand ▪ Bronze Medal of the World Championship 1999 Greece
▪ Asian Championship Asian Championship 1999 China
▪ 2000 Sydney Olympic Gold Medal ▪ Australian Stars 2001 Australian Gold Medal
▪ Asian Basketball Championship 2002 Busan ▪ World Championship Gold Medal 2002 Poland
▪ Russian Stars World Gold Medal 2002
▪ 2002 Grand Prix of the Norwegian Grand Prix
▪ China Asian Championship Gold Medal
▪ The 2003 Canadian World Championship Gold Medal
▪ Athens 2004 Olympic gold medal
▪ Asian Championship 2005 Gold Medal of the Emirates
▪ World Gold Championship 2005 Qatar
▪ Gold Medal of the 2006 Dominican Championship
▪ Doha Asian Games 2006 Gold

Hossein Rezazadeh

Reject the offer of Greece and Turkey
Hussein Rezazadeh in 2002 rejected Greece's proposal to receive Greek citizenship in exchange for receiving $ 20,000 a month, and also demanded that Turkey similarly change its nationality to Turkey and receive a $ 10 million bonus in the event of the Athens Olympic Games and receive 20,000 Dollar denied

Goodbye and withdraw from the Olympics
August 2, 2008 Rezazadeh said goodbye to the official tournament, and his company was eliminated at the Beijing Olympics. The reason for his withdrawal from the Olympics was the heavy pressure exerted during the last decade. He was told that he had refused to attend the Olympic Games on instructions from doctors. In the past few days, news of Hossein Rezazadeh's non-participation in doping experiments had been released, and some media outlets said his goodbyes were unusual.

One day after the retirement of Rezazadeh, the chairman of the Weightlifting Federation, the reason for his farewell speech was vascular problems. But 2 days after the resignation of the case took a different shape. Ebrahim Moghaddam said that he was suffering from physical problems due to high blood pressure and blood glucose. But in different media different reasons were reflected in his language: ... Rezazade was tired in training early and did not get past records ... It was a lot of fluctuations and somewhat depressed. But at the same time, in an interview that Rezazadeh had with voice and sound, the reason for his withdrawal was the injury of the knee ligament during training.

The name of Rezazadeh among the Olympic myths
On London's London Olympic Games, the London Transportation Committee began naming stations called "Olympic myths" on London's London subway map. In this map, major names such as Hussein Rezazadeh, champion and super-heavyweight Olympic weightlifting recorder along with such great names as Naeem Solomon Naglu, John Davis, Vassily Alciff and Piros Dimas. The South Station of London, named Hossein Rezazadeh.