In CG Jung's book "Mysterium Coniunctionis" there's a concept called "The Three conjunctions".

The First Conjunction - Join your emotions and rationality

The first thing you do is join your emotions and your rationality so that your mind and your emotions are one thing. Jung called that the first conjunction, when your motivations, your emotions, and the way that you think about the world are all acting in the same direction. That would mean the incorporation of aggression and sexuality from a Freudian perspective, those parts of us that are difficult to integrate come to be integrated into one thing. So you can use your anger when you need to, you have your sexuality under control; it doesn't have you; still, you know how to use it, and it's a powerful tool, you're also properly assertive in all of those dimensions.

The Second Conjunction - when there's no distinction between you and what you do

You vote yourself into one psychological unit and then you embody that. so that's the second conjunction. The second conjunction is so there's no distinction between you and what you do, between your philosophy and how act. then it makes you in second kind of unity.

The Third Conjunction - overcome the illusion of the self

The final conjunction which is the most difficult one, is to stop thinking that the world is different from you. Same way developing discipline, you're putting yourself in order, you're developing a vision of the future, you're figuring out how to dress, you're figuring out how to take care of your things, how to interacting in the microcosmos that is in front of you. You're learning how to balance chaos and order, there's no difference between you and what's around you! That's a very difficult thing to understand. So you want to act in a way that's good for you, and good for everyone else at the same time.

CJ Jung - Mysterium Coniunctionis
CJ Jung - Mysterium Coniunctionis - The Three Conjunctions