Most CrossFit trainers will swear that in their gym the put extra focus on proper Technic and posture, while it might be true it's pretty much inevitable that proper form will be compromised when one is pushing it's body to it's limits. Additionally there is a deep mental and emotional aspect that drives certain people to a specific type of workout like CrossFit that encourages behavior that ignores signals and pain in the short term that will result in more serious injuries in the long term, however please don't assume that this is an excuse not going to the gym, it's just to warn you guys from the dangerous of CrossFit.

Is CrossFit the only offender?

To be totally honest any type of sport or physical activity could be causing injuries due to over training or poor Technic (even Yoga!) however there is something extra injuring in the Cross-fit community and atmosphere that encourages needless effort, needless meaning when the activity is no longer contributing but hurting.


Are CrossFit injuries a Gender/sex issue?

While it's safe to say that most of CrossFit trainers are men and males, you would be wrong thinking that Crossfit is a "male only" sport, both genders have their own "ego driven meatheads" (aren't we all a bit ego driven?), just check out to females CrossFit fails video:


CrossFit Injury rate

You will find several reports that claim that over 30% of CrossFit people complain on serious injuries (serious enough that made them stop training).

You could also see Steve Shaw's video, which only seems like a meathead but makes a lot of good points about the dangerous of CrossFit and why even with the best trainers it still leads to injuries and muscle tear.

You can also see Steve Shaw's explanation why always CrossFit leads to injuries even with the best trainers:

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