In studies done show that squat is indeed dramatically effective than clicks, but no significant difference between it and other exercises. However, the activity measured in the gluteus muscle medium showed that exercise the hip on a mattress, lunge and the rise of high rank, and the squat. Also, the activity measured in mastering muscle was higher in the thigh exercises on a mattress and a lunge and uphill on a step than the classic squat. Clicks the legs went all in the last place.

Bottom line: great squat is an exercise for strengthening and shaping the buttocks but there are several alternatives that allow you to practice and effective.

This is how they train their butt and legs in Thailand

Here’s a recap of the exercises:

Bodyweight squat 3X20 Reps.
Legs lunge 3X20 Reps.
Fire hydrants 3X20 Reps.
Legs kick back 3X20 Reps.

Some tips from Kai Green for a leg workout


Booty building

The buttocks ( Gluteus maximus) consists of three parts including three muscles that responsible for the hip, leg and rotating the leg out.

Gluteus muscles of the middle and small pelvic stabilization for approving of the hip, leg sideways and rotating inward.

Effective tips for toning the buttocks:

  1. First of all, maintain good and balanced nutrition and balanced. A diet low in fat and fiber petition to maintain normal fat percentage and weight.
  2. Aerobic activity 3 to 4 times a week, increasing energy expenditure such as jogging, walking, cycling, stair, and Kickboxing.
  3.  Anaerobic operates all the muscles and focuses on the muscular buttocks.

This workout is excellent for legs & glutes:

Here’s a recap of the exercises:

  • 15 kickbacks- Right
  • 15 leg lifts- Right
  • 15 donkey pulses- Right
  • 15 fire Hydrants- Right
  • 15 kickbacks- Left
  • 15 leg lifts- Left
  • 15 donkey pulses- Left
  • 15 fire Hydrants- Left

Repeat 3 times!

  • 15 glute bridges
  • 15 single leg glute bridge- Right
  • 15 single leg glute bridge- Left
  • 30 Inner thigh leg lifts- right
  • 30 Inner thigh leg lifts- Left

Repeat 3 times!

  • 15 side leg lift- right
  • 15 side leg lift- Left
  • 15 basic squats

It seems that everyone has time to practice even if it seems to us not so. It is important to be decisive and focused, there is no reason to practice hours or more a day. 60 minutes should be enough to strengthening and weight loss. The misconception of "all or nothing" leads to frustration and an excuse not to practice and how to be sure that there is no time. Remember that training should be part of the agenda and not vice versa.


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