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Athletic Couples That Are Breaking The Internet

For some people working out is more than just a way to stay in shape. It is a way of life, a way to express themselves, just like any other form of art. This is why romance could flourish in this type of environments. So while there are people who work out really hard to make themselves look attractive for people outside of the gym, there are those who already found their other half and luckily instead of binge-watching boring Tv shows they go out together to the Gym.

Dave Lipson & Camille Leblanc Bazinet

These love birds are Crossfit dedicated athletes who love working out together and help each other to reach their personal goals. After meeting for the very first time at the Crossfit games of 2010 Dave decided that
Camille is a keeper. This is why he moved all the way from L.A to Boston, so they can start dating and getting to know each other. Now they are happily married and share a lot more than their love for CrossFit.


Keris and her husband inspire thousands of people in social media to improve themselves by practicing Yoga and Pilates as a family. 

A healthy family is a happy family. There is something heartwarming in watching them workout together, you can see that they are taking it very seriously. We really do wish them all the best.

Ulisses Jr & Sarah Ulisses

This adorable couple inspires us to work out harder. It looks like they are living the dream, every video they release shows us how good they are in what they do. Ulisses Jr and Sarah Ulisses are definitely are one of our favorite Athletic power couples. 

Austin Raye & Julian Daigre

These two workout enthusiasts are madly in love with each other and they are not shy to share it with the world. 

Austin and Julian are breaking the internet with their awesome gymnastic skills. Behind every video, there are hours of practice and dedication. They are truly an inspiration for people who want to reach new goals with their significant other.

Reaching New Goals Together

These couples inspire us to push ourselves harder, to become better. Staying in shape is more than looking attractive, it is a way of life, this is why even if you are single you can get inspired from these couples. Since it shows us how far can you go when the right partner is by your side.

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