You may have heard about Crossfit but didn’t really know what it’s all about. Crossfit is a functional fitness system. It aims to improve all your fitness elements by utilizing very intensive training. 

What fitness elements benefit from Crossfit training?

  1.       Develop your cardiovascular stamina – enables your body to keep going for longer periods.
  2.       Muscular stamina – the trained muscles can function continuously without tiring.
  3.       Strength – your training helps your body to perform tasks like pushing, pulling, lifting, etc.
  4.       Flexibility – your limbs can move freely and effortlessly within the range of your joints.
  5.       Speed – your movements should be fast and efficient.
  6.       Coordination – your ability to perform balanced and effective interaction of movements.
  7.       Agility – the body’s ability to move quickly and easily.
  8.       Balance – control your body’s positioning in your training space.
  9.       Precision – control the direction of your movements.
  10.   Intensity – a combination of strength and speed while performing the workout.

Crossfits became a training community rather than just a gym

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Crossfit has become a hot trend all over the world. You should become familiar with  some of the terms and their meaning. Crossfit training all over the world made great strides in the past few years. You can find over 40 Crossfit training centers in Israel and over 13,000 in the world. Crossfit became a familiar word even to those who do not train using the system. Many people crossed over from other training methods such as Pilatis, traditional gymnasiums, fitness studios, kickboxing and more. Crossfit training is suitable for most participants because you can start training in low or high intensity. 

Crossfit training can be scaled according to the trainee’s level of fitness. The training program was designed with infinite scalability options, it is suitable for anyone who is determined to become very fit, regardless of where or if they trained before starting Crossfit training. The crossfit system combines equipment and workouts that are used in gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics and more. Crossfit concentrates on fitness, not bodybuilding. Crossfit is the Linux of fitness training, everyone can see the source code on the official website. The community adopts the efficient and successful workouts and rejects the inefficient ones. Some of the workouts require weeks, months or even longer training in order to master them. Fitness is very important, for example, a participant with high body fat percentage may not be able to perform workouts that utilize body weight such as rope climbing, any climbing, horizontal bar and rings workouts, etc. Some of the workout names describe the workout e.g. preacher chair, Romanian dead lift, dips, donkey, and more. There are workout series with women’s names (similar to naming major storms), war heroes, etc. Following are few terms and workouts:

Crossfit workout terms

  •       BOX – this is the generic name of a Crossfit affiliated training center. It is a large space that resembles an empty box, no gym training machines, mirrors etc. The empty space is very suitable for performing the workouts.
  •       W.O.D – the workout of the day that the center prepares for its trainees, it combines few training elements. WODS are published every day on the website.
  •       METCON – Metabolic Conditioning, this is the part of the training when your heart rate is high and remains high throughout the training.
  •       Rounds For Time – the 2nd most popular training type. You aim to complete all your planned exercises in the shortest possible time.
  •       CHIPPER – every element of the workout is performed once only, no repetitions. The goal  is to complete all the elements of the workout in the shortest time.
  •       The Girls – a series of workouts with girls’ names. Greg Glassman who developed Crossfit decided to name workouts the same way tropical storms are named. These workouts are fast and precise. These workouts are some of the hardest. Some of these workouts utilize the Crossfitter’s bodyweight, others utilize bars or a combination of training elements.
  •       Hero Workouts – workouts named after American military personnel who were killed in wars or operations. These are very intense workouts with a very high workload.
  •       Crossfit Open – a period of 5-6 weeks, the initial phase of advancing towards the world championship called CF Games. A special workout is published weekly and participants have 4 days to get their best results and publish them at the official site. Following this period, those who achieved the best results are moving to the regionals phase. The best competitors at the regionals continue to the next phase. During this period the Crossfitter is competing against other, not only trying to achieve their own personal best results. It improves every competitor’s performance.

Following is a description of few exercises:

  1.       Double Unders – an aerobic exercise, just like skipping rope, only the rope has to pass twice under your feet during one jump.

    1.       Ring Muscle Up – can be performed utilizing a horizontal bar or rings hanging from a rope. At the starting position your arms will be straight, holding the rings that are hanging above your head, pull your body up until your hips are level with the rings, your arms should be pointing straight down and your hands will be holding on to the rings.

    1. hand-stand-pushups
      HSPU - Hand Stand Push Ups

      HSPUHand Stand Push Ups, lift your body up and down with your arms while your body is in ahandstand position and your feet are supported by a wall.


    1.       BURPEE – start standing straight,  quickly move to a push up position on the floor then jump quickly to a standing position  and clap your hands above your head. This exercise will raise your pulse very fast.

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