This workout is not for the average Joe. If you train for some time now and are looking to step up to the next level this is for you!

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In this video we will show you an extreme example for dealing with muscle growth plateau, It doesn’t matter what level you are as long as you stimulate your muscle enough they will grow.

Let it be arms, legs, big muscle or small muscle group training to failure nearly sounds like an unsuccessful training plan. WHO needs to “fail” all the time, right? plenty of individualsIn muscle-building, coaching people to fail means that doing as many reps that you simply physically can’t complete another one. The target is to induce the foremost attainable muscle growth by pumping blood into the muscle.

It’s important to note, if you are a beginner inexperienced body builder it might tire your nervous system, increase injury risk, wreck recovery, and exhaust your body down. That is why we will only recommend such a technique to experienced people who know how to keep a good form and train safely. If you are new to bodybuilding it is recommended that you stick to your program, improve your technique and do not risk yourself with max reps at high weights. The key to success at this stage is to persist with your training and stay healthy.

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If you have trained with proper technique for multiple years, Training to failure can help you break through plateau, boost your strength levels and improve muscle size. By doing as many reps as possible with a given weight, you create an enormous stimulus for growth.

Go, Have fun and keep growing!


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