Squat is the most important exercise anyone should do, be a beginner or the most experienced body builder.
It is even good for your grandparents if done correctly. In this video, Anna Renderer shows us the basics of doing a squat correctly easily with no added wieght.

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Benefits of squats

1. The muscle you stretch from doing squats help the blood pumping throughout your entire body and improves your overall health. Good blood circulation means that more nutrients and oxygen is getting to all the vital organs.

2. Squats is good for digestion. It removes waste from the body. The muscular action of squat help improve the flow of fluids in our body and eases the passing of waste through our bowels

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3. Even though you are working primarily on your leg muscles, squats also help improve muscle growth around your entire body. This exercise is so intense that it creates an anabolic environment and makes the body release hormones, that are vital for the growth of muscle tissues.

4. Squats also burn calories. working on big muscle group stimulate your body to burn more calories, squats make a superb general work out for health and weight loss.

5. It will improve your posture, help with your balance and will strengthen your back muscles which will help avoid back pain caused by sitting in a chair for too long.

If your job making you sit to many hours or maybe you are reaching an older age. squat help to strengthen the body and keep it functional.
It’s a great power exercise. and a basic one for body building and power lifting as well.

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