Improving footwork is an excellent way to spice up your cardio work and keep strong balance core strength, especially if your board of regular jogging, try some  cuts, and acceleration for a new challenge NFL style.

Football focused Drills: 

  • Start and finish with leg stretching: the starting stretching should be active and high energy for warm up stretch, the finishing stretching should be softer to lower the energy, soften the muscle and joints, take out all the lactic acid in the muscles, lower the heart bit, restore oxygen into the cells to prevent muscle fatigue.
  • High knees speed lateral.
  • Parachute running for extra resistance, if you don't have a parachute in hand you can use a friend that will hold you in the waste line with a belt or with a rope.
  • Up hill squats - squatting up to the top of a hill.
  • Sprinting - short sprints back and forth, for 4-8 seconds, 30-60 meters.


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