It is very important to include physical activities in your daily routine. In today’s world people are busy carrying out a job that lasts many working hours every day. They leave home early in the morning, most of them do their work sitting on a chair most of the day and return home in the evening. Then they carry out their chores at home, play with the kids, etc. Once they finish, they are exhausted and all they want to do is sleep. You should reschedule your working days and leave some time for training or physical activities. Some prefer to wake up early and train before driving to work, some prefer to train in the evening after work. Some employers encourage their employees to engage in sports and even provide an employees’ gym where they can train during working hours. In order to make the change it is important to decide when you will train and include it in your weekly schedule, choose your favorite sports and where will you train.

Some prefer to train at home, some at the gym and some with a group. When selecting your sport and mode of training it is very important to select an activity you enjoy, this will help you persevere in your training. If you want to keep fit, it is recommended to train or play at least 3 times a week. Those who integrate physical activity in their daily routine and train regularly keep fit and stay in good physical shape, it also reduces the odds to develop diseases such as Diabetes. If you do not have time to train regularly, there are few more options.

Physical activities that can be integrated in your work day.

  1.       Take your dog for a walk at least once a day, make it a long walk. Your dog and you will be happy with the exercise.
  2.       If you live within walking or cycling distance from your place of work, walk or cycle to work if the weather is suitable. This way you will reduce air pollution and increase your fitness.
  3.       If you take the bus to work, alight from the bus few stops before your destination and walk the rest of the way.
  4.       Reduce your use of elevators and start using the stairs, this will develop your lower body muscles and your cardiovascular stamina. Of course you should use common sense, e.g. if your office is on the 35th floor you may want to climb part of the way and continue by elevator.
  5.       Part of your quality time with the family should include physical activities such as ball games, swimming, cycling, walking with the dog, etc.  You will improve your physical fitness as well as help your children to acquire the lasting habits of a healthy lifestyle.
  6.       You can walk your children to school or kindergarten (distance and weather permitting). You will have quality time together as well as increase your fitness.
  7.       A short jog or spring during your lunch break will improve your metabolism and your circulation following few hours of sitting down.
  8.       Do you like to watch TV? You can train at the same time, put a training mat on the floor, do squats or sit ups, use hand held weights.Running with a dog

Healthy nutrition is just as important as physical training when you improve your lifestyle. You should find the time to eat healthy meals. A healthy lifestyle requires eating 5 times a day (meals and snacks) and 3-4 times a week of physical training. The sooner you change your lifestyle, the less chance of developing diseases and undesirable medical conditions in the future. You should eat natural healthy food like whole grain bread, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, lean meat, poultry, and fish. Reduce your intake of processed food.

Once your kids make it a habit to eat right and exercise regularly, the healthy lifestyle will benefit them in the long term.

Once you change your lifestyle you will notice the change and the improvements will be ongoing.

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