How many times a week should you train in order to trim your stomach?

If you don’t have a lot of weight to drop, and you just wish to trim your abs, you should exercise around 4 times a week doing weight lifts at the gym and high intensity exercises, while maintaining a well-balanced menu. Incorporate aerobics training as well to speed up the process and to improve heart-lung endurance between twice and three times a week. If you cannot find the time for both, combine the two workouts together, meaning – aerobics training such as running or fast walking and afterwards weight lifting.

Is it possible to get stronger without a gym?

Many people don’t exercise because they do not feel a connection to the concept of the gym, or due to financial reasons. There are different types of workouts one can perform without even leaving the house. Additionally, you can always go outside for a run, which is completely free or go on YouTube and find an exercise video to help you get in shape.

What are the stages of training?


Warming up your body facilitates reducing injuries during your workout and allows for utilization of the exercise and of the athletic achievements. And despite this, many of us prefer to “skip” the warm up stage and go immediately to the main exercising.

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The physical warm up begins with a general warming up which lasts no more than 10 minutes, or up to the point of a light sweat. The warm up can be done with any aerobic machine such as a treadmill, a bicycle or a light jog. Before exercising with weights, it is recommended to warm up that region of the body you are going to work on. The higher the intensity of your exercise, the more comprehensive warm up is needed.

Limberness – stretches trainingYoga poge female -  flying bird

Stretches are a means of improving the ability for performing exercises without any muscle aches occurring. They increase the range of motion in the wrists and help better your posture and prevent injuries during training. According to recommendations you should do various limberness exercises around 2-3 times a week in order to help improving the ranges of motion. The flexibility exercises are best performed when the muscle is warm, meaning, after a light aerobic activity or even following a hot bath. You should begin with doing stretches of the large muscle groups in your legs, back, neck and shoulders. Each stretch is performed for 30-60 seconds, without moving. Once you feel a light stretch without any pain you should hold and stay in this position for around thirty seconds. Afterwards switch sides. You should breathe freely during the stretch.

Anaerobic strength-exercises

After the warm up and stretches move on a strength training. This is a resistance training which is done in order to increase the capability of implementing power. Strength training for raising muscle mass, burn calories and fats during the workout itself and also increase the metabolism at a state of rest. The significantly lower the fat percentage and allow to trim the body “in the right places” in order to maintain a strong, injury resistant, and good posture body. People who exercise are recommended to do around three strength workouts a week in their first month, during which they will focus on all the muscle groups. It is recommended to rest 48 hours between workouts. The part of the anaerobic activity within the workout is tremendous. Without it one cannot attain impressive results, which will manifest in the increasing of muscle mass, muscle tonus, metabolism and a more aesthetic appearance.  The suitable workouts include exercises which are done using weights, training equipment and your body weight.

Aerobic training

It is recommended to begin with a 2-60 minute workout 3-5 times a week. An aerobic workout can be consisted of a light jog outside and a fast walk is always preferable, using a bicycle treadmill or swimming. In order to reduce fat percentages it is important to regularly practice aerobic activity. Aerobics make use f the fat as a key source of energy during the activity and even afterwards.  The rule is simple: the longer the workout, the more increased the utilizing of fat will be.

Every aerobic activity which as an increase of the heartbeat to a suitable level will be suitable for this goal, but not each activity affects the body the same way. With some of the aerobic exercises the pulse rises sharply, such as Kickboxing, running, whereas with other aerobic activities the heartbeat levels rise slowly such as with swimming.

The pace of the exercise should be fitted to the abilities of the person exercising and only gradually increase the level of difficulty which results from the duration of the workout, from the speed of running along the beach facing that of walking down the street.

It is recommended to do the aerobic training right after the strength exercises and not before it, in order to not become exhausted before the workout begins.  

Mixed workouts

Normally the two workouts are incorporated with one following another. In this case it is important to know that when the emphasis is on increasing muscle mass and muscle tonus – it is imperative to perform the anaerobic exercises first and then the aerobic exercises. But it your goals are different, such as improving your physical fitness, reducing weight or improving a health condition, the order of the exercises is of minor importance. If the workouts are intensive it is recommended to split them up, meaning performing an aerobic workout on one day and a strength workout on another day.

Final tip: make up time for a workout with a friend or even with a fitness trainer. A workout as a social meeting has been proven to be a prominent factor for motivation and perseverance.

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