Aesthetics and fitness training is always putting emphasis on legs, hamstrings, glutes (gluteus maximus) and calves. Not just because a shaped buttocks is sexy and not just because the legs are half of our body, but also because it's our standing foundation. Walking, standing, running, hunching and bending requires core and leg muscles activation and these are movements that are part of our daily routine,  in other words - if your base is not strong and steady you will have problems sooner or later.

As a matter of fact leg workout is part of most disciplines like Bodybuilding, Cross fit, martial arts, Olympic weight lifters etc. Big and strong legs are almost never a disadvantage except some cases where legs need to be lifted and their weight is a burden like when attempting Front lever, Full Planche or pike press to hand stand.

Take Legs glutes workout to the next level with fitness goddess Nadya.




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