Myths are there for busting!  There are many myths about fitness that needs to be busted. Some myths are a great excuse for those who do not want to start training. There are also myths that although promote training, cause people to keep practicing workouts that do not bring them the results they believe they should get.

Running TrainingHere are some myths we want to bust!

Any type of physical activity will make you lose weight

Every physical activity will bring weight loss but it is better than the alternative. E.g. short leisurely walks are better than lying on the couch watching TV. This type of walk, although it is a physical activity will not bring any significant weight loss. In order to lose weight your body should burn more calories than it consumes. When we have access calories the body stores them as fat, when we engage in physical activities the body will convert stored fat to energy. Training that requires energy  will cause the body to burn stored fat. An efficient physical activity will make the body’s fat percentage to decrease but the body weight will remain the same. Not every training will burn fat, it depends on the intensity of that training. When your main aim is to lose weight, you should select the most efficient training to bring your desired results. Otherwise your great effort will end up with very little to show for it.

Sit-ups will get rid of all belly fat, your lower abs six-pack will be visible

Sit-ups help strengthening our muscles and improve body stance. However, if you thought that this exercise will melt your belly fat and turn it into an impressive six-pack you are wrong. Sit-ups will help building muscle strength and lower abdomen six-pack , unfortunately the six-pack will still be hidden under a layer of fat. An overweight person who starts training cannot control the fat burning locations. It is better to start reducing body fat before concentrating on six-pack building.

 If you are not sweating profusely while training , you are not trying hard enough

Perspiration is not an indication of how hard we train. The purpose of sweating while training is to cool the body down. The exact same training performed outdoors in the summer or in the winter, in an air-conditioned environment or not, etc. in a humid or dry climate, will produce different quantities of sweat.

It’s better to run on a treadmill because it is easier on the knees

Running is very healthy but we should be aware that it may also cause some damage to our joints. Running on the treadmill’s smooth cushioned belt reduces the impact on the joints and the body. On the other hand, running outdoors is using muscles we do not need to use while running on a moving belt. Roads, grass and other outdoors surfaces are always uneven, your muscles are making small adjustments, and it helps your balance and coordination. Some people prefer to run on soft surfaces like the sand on the beach while others prefer to run on hard surfaces like pavements and lawns. It is important to remember that regardless where you run, running regularly will benefit your health.

It is not necessary to eat breakfast before your morning training

Most of us stop eating few hours before going to bed. Our body uses energy while we sleep, consequently, we need a shot of energy after waking up and before starting the morning’s training. This meal should be taken about 30 minutes before training, it should include a portion of complex carbohydrate and if you drink a cup of coffee, add a glass of water as well.

Swimming is good for the body and increases our fitness level

Swimming makes us feel good but does not always improve our fitness. Most amateur swimmers swim fairly slowly for fun, and not as a cardiovascular and fitness exercise. Swimming in that way will not burn calories or improve our stamina. A swimmer who swims fast during training will burn calories and improve fitness. Swimming at any pace will strengthen the legs‘ and back muscles, therefore helps backache sufferers.

If you have a tendency to gain weight, fitness training will not make you slimmer

Research shows that training and physical activities will reduce your body fat. Even if you are an endomorph or a glutton, you can control your weight, body shape and fitness by changing your eating habits and training regularly.

Training for strength does not burn calories and fat

Standard weight training will burn a similar number of calories as a low intensity aerobic exercise (e.g. walking) of the same duration. The advantage of weight training or any strength training is that the body’s muscles’ building activity continues for hours after you stopped training, the body will continue burning calories during rest. Any strength training will have a positive effect on the rate of your metabolism.

Good to remember: It is important to find out the truth behind the myth. In many cases you will find that the myth is wrong and the actual effect of an activity on the body is totally different than what you were led to believe.

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