What is better? Working out is the mornings or in the evenings? In order to decide, you should know that there are some parameters that will help you make that decision.

The time of the day when we train is significant mainly for strength and power training. An effective aerobic workout can be carried out at any time, just make sure it will fit within your schedule. For strength and power training we should consider the hormones levels in the body and at what time the workout will achieve the most effective results.

Those who cannot find the time for a full workout during the day and therefore feel restless during the day but do not fall asleep easily should opt for short and intense workouts in the mornings and in the evenings. Should you decide on this training regime, you must remember to train daily.

Are you “morning persons” who want to start the day with a good workout? Few points to consider

The Pros of morning training

Morning workouts will be very beneficial for those who may be prone to cardiac problems, those who suffer from hypertension, those with sleeping difficulties.  Those who start every day with a workout will notice an improvement in their blood pressure readings on the days when they train. They will also notice an improvement to their sleep quality.

You do not have enough time for a full training session in the morning, what should you do?

In order to start your day with an effective workout you should follow a routine. Get out of bed, get organized, eat a light meal, drink some water then start your workout. You should get into the habit of waking up 20 minutes earlier and carry out a short training session at home. It is very important to perform some stretching exercises prior to starting your training.

Morning workouts increase the level of energy, improve your metabolism, help your level of concentration and help you start the day with a burst of energy.

The morning workout can include exercises such as :

  • Jumping Jacks / squats.
  • Planking (tucked, strardle or full)
  • Mountain Climber
  • Side planking.

Do you like to wake up late and want to start your day with a good workout?

The Pros of late afternoon / evening training

Research shows that strength, power, stamina and endurance training in late afternoons or evenings are more effective than the same training carried out in the mornings. The body is more flexible late in the day. It is recommended to people who want to burn fat, build up strength and reduce their blood/sugar levels to perform their fitness workouts during the late afternoon or evening hours. It is important to train at the same time of the day to achieve the desired results.

You do not have enough time for a full training session in the evening, what should you do?

So, you came back from work, completed your chores at home and you are ready for bed? Wrong!! You should find few minutes for a short and intense workout, for example 10 minutes of training before sitting down to watch TV. Your evening workout burns calories, helps loosening tense muscles,  brings you to a relaxed state of mind, tires your body and helps you fall asleep faster. Power  workout should be carried out 2-3 hours before you go to sleep, stretching workout can be done just before you go to bed.Training Night

The evening workout can include exercises such as :

  •         Weight training
  •         Power training aimed at muscles development
  •         Happy baby (nighttime stretching)
  •         Bridge (nighttime stretching)
  •         Sleeping swan (nighttime stretching)


If you don’t have the time for full training sessions, try to include 2 short training sessions in your daily routine. Those who prefer full training sessions should perform the same routine few mornings in a row followed by few evenings in a row in order to compare the results and decide at what time of the day their training sessions will be more efficient. The time of training is not so significant for those in good health whose aim is just to keep fit.  In order to keep fit, it is important to train regularly few times a week and include training sessions in your routine.

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