Many of us “Yes, those all day eating junk food, and sitting on the couch” afraid to make a change in their life, because it’s hard, or is it not possible or even worth it, so that’s one big BS, it’s called laziness. That’s right, we are tired of everyone coming down on us and we promise ourselves. This “pizza” or “beer” last. This week we will begin to exercise. Or maybe next week.if you identify with the first lines you should keep reading this, because you are sure you have earned.

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So what is our secret weapon to make you get up off the couch and leave the fast food? UM … The truth is it’s not a secret and of course it’s not a weapon, but this information is worth to you to figure out what’s best for you and your body.

Should we start?

Healthy nutrition or not to bedon't be lazy

Protein, protein and more protein! If you think that diet or athlete’s menu will make you hunger and nightmares?
So, yes, well not really true, it very much depends on the desire to “athlete” toning, lose or gain weight even look all that plan with your personal trainer.

Why do we have to keep a diet?protein,protein,protein

During the training, we lose a lot of calories, and fluids that we must regain and even more to the muscle heal and evolve so we have to calculate the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats we consume we will have to get the desired results.



Gym time


The big day arrived and goes to the gym. You must freeze in place and do not know where to run because everywhere there are fibroids. so no, Do not look at it that way you take it as motivation (one day I will be toned like them).
Why are we here? Did you know that a combination of exercise in your life causes wonders, such as: couple-fitness

♦high self-confidence.

exercise is the number one factor for weight loss in the body.

Health, health, and much more health-exercise strengthens not only the muscles,
those  all our medical system and
lowers rates of disease.

To vent aggression. No more fun than getting the nerves caused you at work on weights.


Motivation for exercising

Maybe the biggest deepest problem about starting an active life style is lack of motivation, we’ve all heard words like ”  I should start working out , but I just don’t have the time” or, ” I’m too lazy” or “I’m so busy with work now, in a couple of months I would start working out”. It’s all stories we tell our selves. the truth is we can all start right NOW!

Here are some words of wisdom from the Business coach master Tony Robbins about motivation and exercise:


Smarter and younger

Already quite a few studies conducted around the world prove that minimal exercise helps us in daily life. Enhances brain development, long-term memory and reducing deficit problems.

In addition to those we all receive “live young forever,” just kidding. Once the exercise our body really saved over time. When was the last time someone told you that you look younger? (then just choose a new trainer).

So ? Are you ready to get up off the couch, leave the pizza and lifting weights?


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