How to choose your personal trainer

So, you’ve decided that you want to start training and change your lifestyle, great! We recommend that you apply the following guidelines.

In order to succeed, you should select a gym that is most suitable for your requirements. The gym will provide you with a list of trainers. This guide will help you select a trainer that is right for you.

Check recommendations 

Start with checking recommendations. The best recommendations will come from your friends and acquaintances who worked with the trainer or watched the trainer’s work. You should make sure that the person who recommends the trainer has no vested interest in recommending.

View Certificates

 You should insist on viewing the trainer’s professional certificates and qualifications.

Ask about experience

 A competent trainer is usually an experienced trainer, make sure you are not one of the first customers, and request the names of satisfied customers.

Is the trainer in demand?

 It is recommended to ask the trainer how many customers he / she have in a week. It will be an indication if the trainer is busy and in demand.

Will you enjoy the training?

 Ask the trainer how your training schedule and routine will be made up. Will it be repetitive and boring or varied and exciting? You want to enjoy each training session and look forward to the next one.

Do you like and trust the trainer?

 Trust your intuition and gut feeling when choosing your trainer.You will interact with your trainer at least once a week. You want to feel comfortable and safe with the trainer, you want a trainer who will be enthusiastic to see you achieve your goals.

Is the trainer committed to be a trainer?

 A full time professional trainer, who is committed to a long term career, is best. Avoid part time trainers who work as trainers during their academic studies or in order to supplement their main income.

Start with a trial period

 It is recommended to agree on a trial period in order to see if you are happy with the trainer, the training methods, and the results. The initial period should not be longer than 3 months. During the first 3 months you will realize if the trainer is suitable for your requirements. You do not want to sign a long term initial agreement because you may have to choose between training with someone who is not suitable for you until the termination of the agreement for example only available for morning workouts, or losing your money.

Price is not the most important factor

The rate may vary according to the number of sessions or the package you agreed on.It frequently happens that the customer’s decision is based on price alone; it may lead to disappointments and lack of desired results. The parameters mentioned above should influence you choice of trainer more than just the price. Once you chose a suitable trainer, it is recommended to have an initial appointment. The trainer will build your training program. The trainer should follow these criteria:

The trainer should get to know you in depth, your health, your training goals, the time and effort you are willing to invest in order to achieve these goals, etc. The trainer should obtain your benchmark data such as body weight, circumferential measurement and percentage of body fat in order to monitor the changes brought on by the training. Set together reasonable goals for the next 30-45 days; adjust the goals at the end of the period. Agree on a routine for the agreed period and how to monitor it. Personal relationship with the trainer is very important. The trainer should not have an excessive number of clients per day. A good trainer should remember every customer’s goals and limitations.

A trainer who will not fulfill all these criteria may cause you to achieve no results or undesirable results. Wrong training methods and techniques may lead to severe pains, strains and physical injuries during the training session or following it. An unprofessional or careless trainer may cause you to lose your investment of time and money. You will also have to postpone you training until the damage is healed. We recommend that you study this guide thoroughly prior to choosing your trainer. Ensure that the trainer fulfills all your expectations. Selecting the right professional trainer could be one of the best decisions you‘ve ever made.


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