What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics are exercises where you use the weight of your body to achieve bodily fitness. These exercises are performed rhythmically without using any equipment or apparatus. Therefore, you can always build that muscle definition you have always wanted by practicing lifting heavy stuff like your body. Calisthenics increases the strength and mass of your muscle, its mobility and flexibility as well as improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination.

Why Is It So Important to Have a Strong core?

The core muscles of the torso are the largest in the body and checking their fitness is essential not only for movement but also for maintaining a strong posture. Having a strong core will make your life easier. Think about what would happen if you had something stuck in your throat and you are too weak to cough it out! That’s why simple calisthenics should be a part of everyday routine.

5 Exercises to Strengthen Your core for Calisthenics

1. Push ups Push Ups

Performed while lying facing the floor, keep the back straight, raising the body by pressing down with the hands. Tuck the elbows in close to the sides. Pushup variations range from knee and wall pushups for beginners to one-arm pushups for those who are more advanced. This increases the whole body muscle definition, improves your posture and prevents lower back injuries among others.

2. LungesHow to do proper lunge

Performed by bringing one leg forward and lmost kneeling on the back leg, bend the hips and knees to a lower position with both knees bent at no more than 90 degrees. Stand up and alternate the legs, keeping the back straight and chest out. This helps in development of balance and increases your body symmetry. It also increases everyday’s function and flexibility as well as improving your overall spinal health.

3. Squatshow to do squats

Performed standing with feet shoulder width apart, lower the hips and squat down as far as possible, bringing the arms forward parallel to the floor. Complete the movement by thrusting the hips forward and straightening the knees to return to a standing position. This helps maintain mobility, improves core strength, supports your lower back and also stimulates muscle growth in your abdominals.

How to do Star Jumps?4. stride jumps/Star jumps

Performed by jumping to a position with the legs and arms spread out wide to the sides, land with the feet together and hands reaching upwards. Jump again to return to the starting position. This exercise is also known as jumping jacks and it helps in elevating your heart rate, which delivers oxygen to your bloodstream and ultimately to your muscles thus burning fat at a rapid rate promoting weight loss.

5. Sit-upsHow to do proper sit ups?

Performed by lying down with the back on the floor, knees bent and bottom of feet against the floor. Lift the shoulders off the floor by bringing the chest closer to the knees while tightening abdominal muscles. Lower back to the floor smoothly. This strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps resolve lower back pain.

Above are just a few calisthenics that can help strengthen your back. Truth is, all exercises in general are a must in order to get your body strong and functioning as required.


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