In order to improve and get the body you've always dreamed about, you have to train intensively and improve fitness. There are many ways to do this when most is the exercise club. But, in recent years, public parks Conquer the world. Workout street is actually the type of training, the trainee uses the main difficulty and exploited it to his advantage.

The biggest challenge is training in performing the exercises using trainee's body weight. The desire to succeed the exercise promotes meaningful trainee. Training involving hundreds if not thousands of different exercises which can be performed without weights, without special equipment and free. Exercise gains among trainees are stress, pushups, squats, strength increase and a variety of abdominal exercises.

This is how they do calisthenic in Israel, Watch and Learn!

Highly motivating video of Israelian athletes showing you that anyone at any age can do calisthenic workouts.

Use this video to keep yourself motivated, and become better!

Dan Rosenberg Crazy Calisthenics Set at Brooklyn Zoo NY

Exercises that you never thought possible, and many more types of combinations and bodyweight exercises lovers!

The SW This training method first developed in prison, when prisoners wanted to practice and develop muscle and to this day it goes further changes and new exercises to people "simply" invent.

This training method is based on work with bodyweight only, of course, more advanced levels can add weights to increase efficiency and challenge.

Here are some examples of exercises which are based on body weight in street workout :

It is recommended to do 3 sets of each exercise and maximum repetitions per set

Rest between each routine 5 minutes between each exercise 30-40 seconds. Even if the first and second week is hard for you, do not give up, eventually you will succeed. Even if it's easier you can add repetitions and parallels stress and you start to be more difficult. It is important to remember to carry her Routine 4 times, it means that if I completed all the exercises once, I go back and make them again until I get to 4 times.


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