Weight Loss and muscle building requires hard work. Imagine how cool would it be if our body could burn calories and fat and also build muscle mass ,even when you sit in the afternoon on the couch and watch television, or even while sleeping. Sounds like a dream isn’t it?

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Well, it’s actually possible.

 Vigorous exercise and the Afterburn Effect:

Studies shows that vigorous exercise (such as HIIT) is especially effective at burning calories not just during exercise,but for hours after it’s concluded.

officially known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or simply, EPOC or Afterburn Effect.

The after burn effect is simply additional energy expenditure that occurs after exercise.

How long after the exercise does the body continue to lose Weight and build muscle?

The more intense the physical stress, the longer the body takes for these processes.

the magnitude and duration of EPOC depends mainly on several factors:

  • Type of exercise (cardio or weightlifting)
  • Workout intensity
  • Workout duration
  • Gender
  • Training status

So what’s really happens to our body in the afterburn effect?

Well, to put it simple, our bodies metabolism rate grows, actually it uses extra energy (calories) after certain workouts to help us recover, cool down and deal with the hormonal changes that the exercise produced.

Doesn’t EPOC Takes place after an aerobic workout?

Studies have shown that the EPOC effect  does occurs after aerobic exercise and anaerobic workout, but in the anaerobic training, that also builds muscle mass, the effect is much bigger than the aerobic exercise.

Research has shown that although this workout is relatively short compared to standard aerobic training (such as walking or jogging), training anaerobic format of interval training at high intensity, burns Nine times more fat than the moderate aerobic exercise! Although during a moderate and long cardio workout it burns more calories .

Does  High-intensity training require special equipment?

This training does not require you expensive equipment, not even a subscription to the gym.
So believe it or not, but training for 15-20 minutes, you will burn fat nine times faster than the treadmill addicts that started their exercise before you started your training and will stay there way after you will finish.

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