Have you ever wonder why you get bored at the gym with standard weight lifting. Workout practice can be hard, creative, and fun all at the same time.
it doesn't work if you don't enjoy it, Let the result of your fun training speak for themself.

Improve efficiency  and hold a handstand longer

The most common reasons why you don’t hold a handstand longer Your line is (really) not perfect In order to create a steady handstand, you want to create a straight line from the fingers to the toes. This requires a lot of physical intelligence and range of motion. The shoulder range is a key component to create a straight line from the spine to the arms.
Also tucking the tails with PPT (Posterior Pelvic Tilt) in order to create a straight line from the spine to the legs.
More mindfulness and awareness to the extremities, start focusing also on the outer parts of the body like the toes and fingers with focus on activating these areas.
Elongating the torso, the tendency is to lose focus and collapse the torso, you should avoid this natural tendency and do the opposite by elongating the torso, arms, shoulders, and legs.

The ART concept stands for:

  • Alignment - Creating a perfect line from toes to fingers.
  • Re-Balancing - we are always in a constant state of balancing.
  • Tension - keeping a minimal amount of tension in the muscles to keep the skeleton aligned.
cyberyoga one arm
@cyberyoga one arm handstand with lotus legs