After several hours of research the term Yoga across the Internet, we realized that it’s actually not enough to describe to you the power of this concept, and so we set out on a journey range that will give us more depth background.What it at all yoga, and whence he came?  To be completely honest, We are still in shock, we did not expect such a large amount of information.


So where do we start? I am sure that 50% of the population had never thought even incorporate yoga in their lives (because it is too feminine, this sport for vegetarians, or even too hipster for me). So here, your mistake! After we experienced on our bodies the “yoga” (We are still with stiff muscles), We can tell you that this is a sport that can match any Bodybuilders, Cross-fit Athletes, and even more.

story of yoga rishis

So what is the story of yoga at all?

Yoga is basically a legend for over 4000 years with “Rishis” (sages of ancient India) they actually those who developed the “Theory of Yoga”. They say yoga is intended to (no, not for bodybuilding), improve our mental state. To unite our soul and body, knowledge of the limits of our bodies has been defined it, but like we said, that was the goal before 4000 years. Today modern yoga classes they more active than they were then. There are several currents of yoga all work differently, and you must know and understand how they will help you take a step further to your goal

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 All types of yoga that you should to know:

Ashtanga Yoga- those who like to sweat

Ashtanga Yoga is intended for primarily for athletes who want to work on their flexibility and endurance.

How the method works? Training runs in the order of 6 levels of difficulty, and changing positions quickly, which causes us to work more on our flexibility.

If this sounds like a cardio workout? So you’re right.
Why should you try it? You’re young – and then work on your health and your flexibility, because we’re not going to stay young forever.
Suitable for: people in good physical shape, young people who want to start training and get to know their bodies, fits perfectly during muscle toning.

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Bikram Yoga – Yoga for people who like heat

“Exercise and feel like in India”- India’s weather conditions are between 28-30 ° C heat and 70% humidity. The purpose of Bikram Yoga, make the conditions of the room, to the hot spot, and associate it with the weather conditions and exercise them in India. But how does it work, if we are not really in India? Training was conducted in a sauna,

Inside the sauna you pass 26 distinctly different positions, and the goal of this method is to burn fat and cleanse the body of toxins with sweat. Why you should try it? Ultimately, it more interesting way to burn fat, people who like heat or even those who miss to India. Suitable for: People who like heat, athletes in diet, beginner or professional athletes.


Iyengar Yoga – If you have decided to start yoga

Although this is the recommended method for beginners, but do not think it’s easy! This method also has many functions, but in contrast to other methods, the goal is to stay in position as long as you can, and not as fast and dynamic as in Ashtanga Yoga.

Which helps us to work more on our endurance, and control the flow of breath. So how is it for beginners? By this method we use yoga accessories such as chairs, blocks, mattresses and accessories to help us survive the training. Why you should try it? One of the most important features by us is patience and control your breathing. So why not strengthen it?
Suitable for: is suitable for people who want to work on their endurance, thanks to these accessories and other adults can adopt the method as well.


Shivananda Yoga If subtle, it’s your thing

If you are usually stressed, nervous or difficult for you to control the negative energy then, Shivananda Yoga is for you. Sivananda Yoga This is a gentle method, and is integrated by 12 yoga poses that work on: proper breathing, correct way of thinking, relaxing the body and encourages the release of excess pressure.
Why you should try it? Negative energies and pressure on the daily causes our body to grow older (Yes, yes, already proven!), which is not so healthy, so why not choose a creative way to calm ourselves.

Suitable for: Adults, People with difficulty concentrating, people stressed and nervous.

These actually the most popular yoga streams among athletes, from the reason they give a lot of physical and mental exercise. There are more different streams of Yoga that mainly work on our spiritual power as Bhrigu, Tantra, Vijnana, and  Kundalini YogaIncluding acts of singing, breathing, shouting, etc. Most athletes give up on exercise, due to the importance of exercise or lack of knowledge of the importance, and we recommend that you  occasionally really renew your training program so that new methods will not be bored!

So good luck, and of course Namaste!

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