Tennis is a game that is played with two people or four people – and hence the mechanics are far easier to understand than a team sport such as baseball, football, or basketball. That doesn’t mean that betting on tennis is much easier than on any other game, however; on the contrary, there are lots of things that need to be analyzed.

So where do you start? In essence, it comes down to three things: your understanding of the players and how they match up, your money management skills, and your ability to keep your emotions out of the game. Sounds easy? You might be surprised. However, it doesn’t need to be hard, either. Here’s your complete guide to success in betting on tennis: what you need to know.

Why tennis?

Tennis is one of the most exciting sports there is, simply because it’s often about two players who are pitted against each other, much like boxing. It’s a one-on-one game, and it’s truly the best player that will win. There’s a reason why tennis players often retire early; the sport requires a lot, and after a decade of playing top-league, players are not able to keep up with the pressure that the younger generation has to offer. It’s hard, and it’s brutal. It’s exciting.

Get in only when there’s promise

If you have a player that is a perfect match to another player, then there’s high risk. That’s not a good bet, even if the potential gains are enormous. Your odds simply aren’t good enough. Get into the game only when your odds are in your favor – only when there’s a promise. This way, you can better understand the value of whomever player you’re contemplating betting on.

Get a specialty

Focus on the best and specialize. Don’t bet on players you haven’t studied before, or don’t bet on players who have as opponent someone you don’t know. Study the players and bet only if you understand the two players involved in the game.


Be smart with money

It’s a basic rule for every kind of betting or gaming – be smart with your money. Money management is crucial to enjoying the process and getting more rewards.

Keep a record

Keep a record of your bets, and learn from your mistakes. Never stop studying.

Here’s another tip – and it may prove to be an important one: have accounts at several bookies. For any given match, different bookies might give you different odds, and choosing the bookie that gives you the most favorable odds is just one smart way of ensuring you have the best chances. The actual odds of the game don’t change; but what you get for your money does. It’s a business, so look for the one that is to your advantage. And have fun – that’s what it’s all about, after all.