Hey there guys and gals, this article is for all those who are looking to flatten their belly, and maybe with some effort even get a nice 6-pack.

The first thing you need to understand about all those abs workout routines is that it's not a full workout, but rather an abs "finisher" to end off your daily workout.

Here are our 4 top abs workout routines

Super Fast Ab Workout

Workout breakdown

3 exercises, 3 rounds - 30 seconds each exercise. without resting between them. Watch the video for a more detailed demonstration


  • Crunches
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Bridge Planks

Standing abs workout 15 Minute abs blaster

Workout breakdown

3 Exercises, 20 reps for each side in every exercise - 3 sets. You finish off each set with high knees cardio for 30 seconds. And you rest for 30 seconds between sets, during the workout you don't rest! Watch the video for a more detailed demonstration.


  • Side Crunches
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Standing by Crunches
  • High Knees Cardio

15 Minute Abs Blaster by the contortionist Stefanie Millinger


Workout breakdown

3 Exercises, 15 reps each for 8 rounds. You need to keep in mind that you have to finish each round as quickly as possible. Watch the video for a more detailed demonstration.


  • V - Up
  • Roll Crunches (15 reps each side)
  • Static Alternating Toe Touch (15 reps each side)

3 Minutes Lower Ab Workout

Workout breakdown

6 Exercises, 30 seconds each which makes it in total 3 minutes. Keep doing this quick workout whenever you have 3 minutes available, and in no time you will see your lower abs starting to get toned. Watch the video for a more detailed demonstration.


  • Forearm Plank
  • Forearm Plank - Alternating Knee Taps
  • Air Bike Crunches - Alternating Heels to the Ground
  • Knee Raises - While on the back
  • Scissor Legs
  • Alternating Leg Raises

4 Common Abs Workout Mistakes

Now for our special bonus, a video about the 4 most common Ab Workout mistakes that you have to avoid. Scooby sums it up well:

The most common mistakes

  1. The head nodes - When you try to do some crunches but you don't even move your abs you should know that you are doing something wrong.
  2. The flapper - When people are trying to put in the effort and do some crunches, but all they do is raise their elbows. Once again, if you don't feel your abs working, then you are doing something wrong.
  3. Confusing crunches with sit-ups - The 3rd most common mistake is when people think 'that more is better' and are trying to raise themselves all the way up. That's called sit-ups, and they are working on the hips more than the abs.
  4. The 4th and most common mistake is when people believe that they can remove fat by only working on the abs. You cannot remove your beer belly by just doing crunches, you have to do 2 more things: Healthy nutrition and cardio workouts.

That's all for today's abs workouts, how you have enjoyed watching and reading and learnt a thing or two about Abs workouts. Keep doing those ab workouts and you will get your flat belly in no time!

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