The fitness industry loves a slashie more than any model/presenter/famous offspring. First we had yoga and Pilates (yogalates), then piloxing (Pilates and boxing) and now, a workout with the benefits from two practices combined into just one class – but without the dumb name. It’s called Team Coaching – and the combination is as good as peanut butter and banana or watermelon and haloumi (no, only me?)

The clue is in the name. These eight-person 45-minute classes are a half-way point between a group class and personal training, officially solving your dilemma – is PT or class for me?

Michael Cunico, National Fitness Manager at Fitness First says the benefits come from marrying the two types. “On one hand you have your personal training purists, who want love, like or need one-on-one specific and specialized coaching. This meets with the energy, motivation and camaraderie that comes with training in a group.”

There’s plenty of research that shows group training improves both compliance and enjoyment, compared to training solo. Why cap the classes at eight?

“We’re just conscious of giving specialized treatment and allowing enough time to see everyone in a 45 minute session,” Cunico says.

Cunico admits this type of training is most attractive for the exercise nebwie or if you’ve lost your fitness mojo (injury, baby, willpower, we’re looking at you) as you have to sign up for a 6-week structured training schedule. It’s perfect if you fall in the camp of needing accountability and instruction, without having to do any thinking, just doing - and remembering to pack your active wear.

“In six weeks, depending on your goal, you’ll be able to increase muscle mass or lose body fat, whether you’re building a calorie surplus or deficit,” explains Cunico. “Half to one kilogram a week is doable for weight loss, but putting on weight doesn’t happen at quite the same rate as taking it off,” he says.

Thing is, just like PT, for Team Coaching you will have to pay on top of your membership for it - $300 for six weeks to be exact. It'll get you:

  • 6 week structured training schedule with a regular Personal Trainer (12 x 45 minute sessions)
  • Progressive sessions aligned with your goals and building your Personal Plan
  • Personalized recommended training plan
  • Weekly exercise and nutrition diary
  • Supportive and social environment with your regular Telegram fitness group

Cost/benefit, we'll leave that one up to you.