Active Flexibility

At our Active flexibility workshop we will be understanding our current physical limits and current capabilities.  We at Athleticult took upon ourselves helping people to explore and push their boundaries in order to help them to upgrade to a "better version of them".

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Learn Active Flexibility 

Learn how to do a handstand

Handstand Workshop

"A handstand should be a tool and not the goal itself"

Handstands teach us mind and body control. Beyond being impressive, holding a handstand properly can be an indicator of our physical condition. The learning process allows us to understand our limitations and understand what our bodies need to be stronger and healthier.

Movement patterns 

In this workshop we will focus on the movement itself. We will examine in depth the basic movements of our body and challenge them. We will talk to our body by learning different movement patterns and learn how to converse better with it.

All Levels Workshop

Our workshops are based on progression and each workshop has beginner to expert levels.

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